Service Pickup & Delivery Within 10 Miles

June 18th, 2020 by

Need your Hyundai serviced but don’t want to enter the dealership? No problem. Quirk Hyundai of Bangor is offering free pickup & delivery within 10 miles for your service appointment.

Questions or concerns about how we are ensuring a safe workplace for our employees and customers? Call or email to learn more about the steps we are taking.



Personal Protective Gear, Supplies, And Clothing

  • Require employees and customers to wear face coverings if within 6 feet.
  • Provide gloves to employees for contact with high-touch surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting, and direct contact with customer vehicles. Gloves should be changed between vehicles.
  • Wear gloves when handling customer keys and disinfect keys before and after service.
  • Wear gloves when returning keys and receipts to customer in a sealed plastic bag.


  • Inform your customers of your COVID policies and procedures in advance.
  • Use posters and signage to remind customers of physical distancing at entrance, waiting areas, and counters.
  • Support physical distance between customer and service advisors, cashiers and parts advisors by taping off 6 feet distance from counter. Plexiglass barriers were installed to maximize physical distancing.
  • Minimize foot traffic and limit number of customers inside common areas.
  • Do not let customers in work area.
  • Minimize shared touch surfaces such as tablets, pens, credit cards, receipts and keys.

Service Lane

  • Minimize customer face-to-face exposures as much as possible. Schedule service appointments by phone or email.
  • Maintain physical distancing in customer lounges or waiting areas Don’t serve coffee or snacks.
  • Only one customer allowed in the shuttle with face covering. Middle seat must be removed.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles should be done when:

Vehicle brought in for service and returned to customer.

Vehicle is taken for a test drive.

Used vehicle in taken in for trade or auction.

  • Consider vehicles as “hot spots” with high touch surfaces and confined areas
  • Customers should declutter vehicles before service to minimize staff contact with items inside the vehicle.
  • Have customers stay in vehicle until staff is ready for the servicing and disinfect vehicle immediately upon entry to service area.
  • Repeat disinfection after servicing.
  • Vehicle loaner practice should be restricted. If dealership cars are loaned to customers, use disinfection procedure listed above upon return to the dealership.
  • Use disposable wheel covers and shift covers, if available.
  • Disinfect cars received via delivery trucks or other services per cleaning procedures described below.

Disinfection of Vehicle

  • Clean using the appropriate EPA approved material for the surface:
  • Door handles, inside and out
  • Armrests
  • Steering wheel
  • Seat belts and buckles
  • Any push buttons on dash and doors
  • Cruise control and wiper shield control
  • Glove box and center controls
  • Shift levers and knobs
  • Hazard lights and buttons
  • Cup holders

Parts Department

  • Create a designated “touch-free” drop spot for parts deliveries.
  • Have two separate areas to separate and segment parts.

Clean for customers

Unclean area for receipt of parts from OEM and other vendors

  • Vendors should not have anyone inside the premises unless they have an explicit manager invitation.
  • All parts drivers must wear a mask when dropping off parts at a customer’s business.


  • Schedule sales appointments by phone or email if possible.
  • Dealership test-drive policy to exclude personnel ride along.
  • Disinfect vehicle after test drive. See disinfection guidance above.
  • To the extent possible, conduct online and telephone customer communication to minimize face-to-face interactions.
  • Limit customers in showroom at any one time to 5 to 8 depending on showroom size. Conduct sales and service business by appointment only at this time. Call ahead for urgent service visits.
  • Keep limited number of vehicles in showroom to enhance physical distancing.
  • Vehicles in the showroom are also high-touch surfaces and need regular wiping down.
  • Operate with reduced sales personnel in showroom, other personnel can work remotely.
  • Conduct vehicle delivery paperwork in a spacious area for customer to review – sign – return, while maintaining physical distance of 6 feet. Do not share pens.
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